Who is SHROOM?

Seb: lead vocals (mostly), guitar. The scheming mastermind who lays the foundations for the others to play with. Chordfinder, vocable* magician and born into a different world than most other humans.
Olaf: vocals, lead guitar (mostly). The riddle-diddley and the whah-wicke-whah, the engineer and the technician. Actually believed for several years that psilocybine was related to vitamins, carbohydrates and other such daily needs.
David: vocals (mostly not), bass. Does without any of those daily needs and just sips tequila instead. The BeeGee vocals and the intestine shaking basstones make him the extremist.
Joram: drums. Thank God for his memory, if it wasn't for that we'd forget half of the tunes. But then again he hasn't suffered the short-term-memory violation like the rest of us. The rememberer, the teacher (of all things bright and beautiful), the adventurer and yet always late (except in his rhythms!)..

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