What is SHROOM?

SHROOM is a musical collective that started several years ago with a couple of friends experimenting with mind-boggling substances and electrical and acoustical instruments in the warm inspiring environment of the "Rosener Country Club". In the past years many fascinating characters have left their skidmarks on the Astroturf pitches of the SHROOM arena and each and every one of them has attributed to the concept that SHROOM has become; an energetic mix of daring songwriting, a dosage of groove and an ever-present wink at contemporary popular music. 'Mood change music' was added as a subtitle to the concept because that's what shrooms will do to you: pick you up, toss you over and you're in a different frame as four minutes ago, without actually realizing what it was that got you there in the first place. Today the band conquers crowds with their joyous exuberance when performing live and the succulent ripened fruits of their musical journeys tempt all to wiggle to the groove.

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